Ma Cherie Arielle - Photography


Fashion and Fine Art Photographer

Name: Arielle Somberg
Born: Feb 1990
Based: Chicago, IL
Education: BFA 2012 - University of Illinois at Chicago

-Artist Statement-
My practice has heavily involved the researching of philosophical ideas involving questions of existence, “the other”, and the self. One theory leads to another: existentialism to nihilism to solipsism and so on. Each theory is a question with no answer that acts as a catalyst to create my work by interpreting, challenging, questioning, and comparing it with my understanding and opinions. Visual ideas that strive to function beyond just illustrations of philosophical theories are grown from that exploration.

Our world is overrun by humanity. There is seemingly no place on Earth we left untouched. Despite our overpopulation, younger generations grow up with a sense of self entitlement. Society emphasises the importance of the individual, specifically in Western cultures. Even when just looking at photography, with cameras accessible to everyone, anyone can consider themselves to be a photographer. On websites such as Flickr, thousands of photos nearly identical to each other are uploaded and Facebook profiles feature the “My Photography” album filled with amateur photos of flowers, animals, children, and sunsets. The art world wonders if anything new can be created when everything has already been made. I wonder if I can consider myself unique when others like me may exist or have existed. This absurdity lead me to explore philosophical theories, although no concrete answer can be given.

Cosplay Flickr:

2012 Two photos published in's PhotoVogue
2012 Work published in Life’s a BFA book for UIC
2011 Photo published in Red Shoes Literary Art Magazine
2010 Photo published in January 2010 issue of Japanese magazine Cosmode
2010 Photo published in the Youmacon 2010 cosplay calendar
2010 Photo published in Nintendo Power magazine October 2010 issue
2009 Photo published in September 2009 issue of Japanese magazine Cosmode
2008 3 paintings/drawings published in Troubadour Literary Art Magazine
2007 Painting published in Troubadour Literary Art Magazine

-Exhibitions/Gallery Showings-
2012 Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Finalist Showcase
2012 UIC Life’s a BFA Senior Show
2011 UIC BFA Open Studios
2010 Photo shown in the UIC Art Show at the Hillel Center
2010 2 paintings shown at the GBU UIC gallery
2008 Drawing in Great Frame Up Show
2008 Suburban Fine Arts Show, Highland Park, IL
2007 Suburban Fine Arts Show, Highland Park, IL
2007 3 drawings in Oakton Community College Art Show
2006 Suburban Fine Arts Show, Highland Park, IL

2012 Fashion photos featured on (
2012 Finalist in Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Photo competition
2012 School Faculty Prize for Photography (UIC)
2012 Photo showcased on in May 2012
2010 Photo showcased on in January 2010
2008 Drawing purchased from Deerfield High School
2008 $500 Arts Scholarship (Deerfield High School)

Instagram/Blogging lookbooks or lifestyle shots, Fashion portfolio building, Beauty/Glamour portfolio building, Engagement photos, Online store lookbooks, etc. Email if interested with a detailed proposal complete with 5 example photos of what you're looking for.